Yoga Therapy

Many people are currently taking up yoga because it’s fashionable, but the great thing is that many tend to stick with it because the therapeutic benefits take over and the body issues become less important.

Apart from holding the external poses which involve flexibility and muscle strength, yoga offers more than a just workout or a means of toning-up, yoga works deeply on the inside as well. It massages your glands and internal organs, improves circulation and ensures a rich supply or nutrients to all your body cells. By working into the spine you tone and rejuvenate the nervous system and most importantly, with every pose, you start to connect your mind with your body. Yoga encourages a moment-to-moment mindfulness – we become much more aware of ourselves on an intimate level. It also teaches us to pick up quickly on imbalances, stress and symptoms, and gives us the right tools to correct them in the form of a series of poses.

It’s important to accept that yoga isn’t a quick-fix to health despite the instant psychological benefit. You should aim to practice every day if possible. Ideally, take at least one good class a week topped up with mini-daily sessions at home for the full benefits.

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