Asana – the practice of posture – is the third of the eight limbs of Astanga Yoga. It is here that most Westerners start their yoga practice.

Asana, or posture, means to sit or rest. It is the first conscious step on the path of yoga, creating a strong, healthy body. Holding these external poses involves flexibility and muscle strength. Asanas provide the means for developing the self-discipline we need in order to be able to surpass physical and mental boundaries. The practice of Asana promotes both physical and psychological strength. With every pose, we start to connect our minds with our bodies. Yoga encourages a moment-to-moment mindfulness – we become much more aware of ourselves on an intimate level.

Surya Namaskara – The Sun Salutations


“Prior to everything, asana is spoken of as the first part of hatha yoga.
Having done asana, one attains steadiness of body and mind, freedom from disease and lightness of the limbs.”

- Hatha Yoga Pradipika (1:17)

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