The Importance of Relaxation

Unlike most exercise classes which finish with a brief stretch before you rush off to shower, all good yoga sessions end with about 10 minutes of relaxation to allow your body to rest and fully absorb the benefits of your session. This can also be practiced separately, after a hard day at work or before going to sleep, to let go of stress at the end of the day. Relaxation enables the body to release both toxins and pent up tension and restore a sense of balance to the bodily processes.


CORPSE POSE – Shavasana

Gently lie down, lengthening your spine as you do so. Release the lumbar spine by moving your tailbone away from the crown of your head and lower your chin slightly so if dips in towards your chest to release the neck muscles. Rest your arms down by your sides letting your palms turn upwards so fingertips curl in. Widening the space between your shoulder blades, press your shoulders into the mat as you let them drop down and away from your ears. Completely let go of any tension in your hips and in your legs so your toes falls outwards. Close your eyes and slowly feel your body become heavy, as if it is connected to the ground. Allow your muscles to relax. Soften your belly and feel your navel rise with every inhalation and fall with every exhalation. Relax your face, soften your mind, empty your thoughts and keep very still. Lie here for a minimum of 10 minutes.

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“Why be unhappy about something
If it can be remedied?
And what is the use of being unhappy about something
If it cannot be remedied?”

– A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Live, Shantideva

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